How it works

Psychotherapy and counselling require a mutual commitment – both in terms of setting aside the time to meet on a regular basis and equally a willingness from both of us to engage with the process. It can be for a fixed number of sessions or it can be more open-ended.

I try to fit around the constraints faced by my clients, both in terms of the timing and location of meetings. While it is important to meet in person regularly, counselling sessions via video generally work well and can be a useful way to fit some sessions into busy schedules.

Most often we would check in once a week, ideally at the same time and place. Sessions last for 50 minutes.

The first step would be for us to meet to discuss your needs. There is no charge for this initial session. Thereafter, if we decide to work together, we would schedule 4 sessions in advance, and I would issue you a single invoice for these sessions. I charge a standard rate that is the same for all clients.

In some cases, employers may be willing to pay for the work. If this is the case, it is important that your employer will accept that I will not provide feedback or updates to them. It is essential that what we discuss remains confidential between us, irrespective of who settles my account.

I adhere to the BACP ethical framework. In line with this, I keep notes on all my clients. These are all confidential and minimal and are processed in line with GDPR guidelines. I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.